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Agape is a young organic beekeeping business operating in the territory of Como, Italy.

The scents and aromas of our honey carry with them the story of the land and adventures that saw its birth.

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Lake Como

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The landscape of Lake Como and its surrounding mountains provide the beautiful natural background to the production of our honey.

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i mieli

Respect for the environment and our belief in excellent quality have led us to choose fully organic methods for our beekeeping.

We practice short-range nomadic beekeeping: a method that allows us to produce our many types of honey. Each variety is given naturally by the surrounding flora of our region. The unique aromas never cease to surprise, a quality provided by the aspect of local production. We produce our Acacia and Castagno honeys on the prealpine hills, while we move part of our beehives to the mountains surrounding Lake Como to produce our Tiglio and Melata varieties.


  • Organic

    Our values, which include respect for the environment and excellent quality, led us to choose organic production, from our very first beehives.

    Currently we keep 200 beehives using only organic methods, and we are ICEA certified. To combat Varroa mites we use mechanical systems and organic acids that leave no traces in the wax.

  • Biodiversity

    The high level of biodiversity in the natural landscape that surrounds us allows our bees to collect nectar from many diverse sources. Each season brings excellent new monofloral honeys and many millefiori varieties – every time a unique aroma.

    At Agape we employ Nomadic Beekeeping with part of our beehives, not only to increase the varieties of honeys, but also to enjoy other benefits, such as providing our bees with a longer period of nectar abundance, therefore limiting artificial nutrition to emergency situations.

  • Quality

    We avoid thermal stresses of any kind on our honey, in order to preserve its aroma and properties. We believe crystallisation is a natural process and, in many cases, a sign of quality and authenticity, and for this reason we prefer to encourage it rather than impede it.

    At Agape we pay particular attention to the design and functionality of our jars: a transparent label and an elegantly shaped jar, that stands out for its ease of use and robustness, while the aluminium lid completes an easily recyclable container.



...for one Millefiori!

The story of Agape is told through its honeys: the chromatic varieties speak to its biodiversity, while the depictions on the jars of each pollen in its microscopic form speak to our attention to detail in researching our varieties of honey.

Did you know that you can find out which plants the bees have visited through pollen recognition? Do you want to know which ones?

Photograph the Qrcode on the new jars and discover it on our website! For all our millefiori honeys, organoleptic and pollen analysis is now available.

le idee

Are you looking for an original idea? Agape honeys are the answer to your creative needs.

Agape offers elegant vases, personalized packages and many solutions suitable to accompany important and perfect moments to enhance your business. Surprise yourself with gift ideas, wedding favors, corporate gifts and products for the catering and hotel industry.

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Gift ideas • Wedding favors • Corporate gifts • Food products • Products for the hotel industry

le attività

Agape's professionalism and expertise for all your needs.

The passion and innovation that Agape employs in beekeeping and in all the phases of processing their own honey are available to all operators in the sector who put quality first. The ICEA-certified laboratory guarantees the maintenance of the organic supply chain.



Contact us for a quote or for more information.

Il mondo

Not just honey but much more.

The world of Agape: many products and activities, all to be discovered! Come and visit us in our reality on the outskirts of Como, visit the honey factory and the field where passion meets professionalism.

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